04.17.14- - -
a followup on that charity thing. everyone's making money except me. i'm making dreams..icles.

- portrait of daughter
- from russia with love
- oscar worthy Pac Rim sfx

04.12.14- - -
- this means something.
- neon signs, making of
- new bruce timm batman
- batman vs the terminator
- fed up. i love sugar.

04.01.14- - -
ah, april 1st. the perfect day to post true information. everyone will believe you.

but in all seriousness, received my money from the gallery and heres where the charity portion went. hopefully its pretty transparent for everyone, email me if you need better details to followup with anyone, just to make sure its all above board. thanks for your orders, as always.

03.23.14- - -
i am working, i am working.
in other news
- Wheels for kids. wow. more info about this program.
- traits / hulk
- yikes. shark.
- jeff goldblums laugh
- let it go...metal
- mike mignolas top pieces

03.18.14- - -
man this year is flying by.
- type men
- it paints me to see this
- otomo. the man.
- land of the lost prometheus.
- ah...dolphin.
- more dolphins. or whales
- learning through disney.
- squirrel me round.

03.09.14- - -
all packages have been shipped, if you don't have tracking info drop us an email

some nice frame pics
- akira 01
- big trouble 01 / 02 / 03
- drive 01 / 02
- drive blood 01
- inglorious basterds 01 / 02
- lost boys / big trouble 01
- robocop 01 / 02 / 03
02.28.14- - -
the last of the prints should go out this monday, if you haven't received shipping confirmation yet. til then...
let the weekend wash over you.

- suspicious minds
- unchained melody.
  even at the end, still had it.
- stormjumper
- test drive
- acid wolf
- feeding freakout
- slow motion fetch

02.25.14- - -
my head hurts
- chasing ice.
- bamboo trains
- my high school buddy micah and his new guitar.
- nice, very tempting

02.22.14- - -
recently i had a survey (of one question) that i posted on my site. thanks to all that took the time to answer. you have to trust me that i didn't manipulate them in any way. i didn't even vote myself.

from the results, it seems like people are split pretty much in half, so either way i'll make half of you happy. this isn't in regards to anything specific, just wanted to satisfy my own curiosity. i really do appreciate you humoring me with your feedback.

02.22.14- - -
posters are being packed up, getting ready to ship this next week. if you purchased both the jimi hendrix poster and the north woods poster, let us know, and we will refund one of your shipping payments.

02.13.14- - -
- art of the thing credits
- teen lobo
- mammoth. i'll take 2.

-buddy esquire
the flyer king of hip hop, rip.

02.09.14- - -
- nice piece re: letterman / leno
- sunday times icons
- reggie watts: TEACH
- street fighter 2 history
- herblock

02.02.14- - -
glad my home state gladiators done good.

very sad regarding the passing of
mr philip seymour hoffman.

02.02.14- - -
a new print coming out thursday. more info here.

plus, the amazing
- Model 777
- Let it cover the earth
- Portlands Kye Kye
- Subway Palm
- Otomblrrrr
- my ideas vs my execution
- after all these years...still good.

01.17.14- - -
this is me when i recommend movies to people.

- this on the other hand, i wish i lived in toronto. or near it.
- a cool drawing video
- ah...beauty. full.
- blade runner / alien ideas.
- oh homer. so literal.
- great sam neill interview.

01.15.14- - -
people always ask, "what are you working on?" and now i can finally say, This . my best of movie list of 2013. whew. finally got that out there. done. taking the rest of the month off. sarah isn't happy.

01.07.14- - -
greetings, 2014. another year. we made it. this thursday there's a show in seattle i was supposed to be in. only problem, my piece is not done, not printed. so i might be up there later this month. possibly. maybe. will post here if so. apologies, hopefully no one was going just to see a piece by me. lots of other amazing pieces there.

in other news
- honest action: home alone
- smart drawrins'
- coffee, baldwin style
- don't stop beliebin'
- the luckiest revolution
- cheetos

12.30.13- - -
last of 2013?
- normal rockwell
- alan moore. knows the score.
- children of men. classic.
- jeff goldblum. classic.
- non-swimming dog.
- lookin for these, any leads?

- meeerrry Kot'baval

12.24.13- - -
well shoot, merry christmas all ye yonderful yuman yenings. here's to another 12 months of drive posters. wah wah.

12.20.13- - -
tiny showcase has finished printing the lunar calendars, and they have some left here. if you missed out.
otherwise, i've been told they're shipping and should be arriving to homes.

also, this pretty cool video of Reginald V Johnson at Mondo Mystery Movie XI

-see frozen, its great.
- godzilla could be good
- oh waffles.
- breezeblocks
- cliff strike
- cats vs dogs
- paul rudd vs conan

12.12.13- - -
some cool framing ideas.
- alien lifecycle handbill
- pros and cons
- migration 3
- phish noblesville
- shaun of the dead
- thing handbill (signed by jc)

12.09.13- - -
i believe those tiny showcase prints should be shipping soon, mid-december is what i was told.
til then
- jupiter ascending
- no man's sky
- decker or solo? decker.

also, pretty cool write up of my college buddy matt beechinor - flying the friendly skies, pretty incredible, way to go matt. living the dream.

11.24.13- - -
holidays. happy.
- hawk
- murray
- phantom
- prada
- brule
- taxidermy

some cool frame ideas from jason L
alien 01 / 02 / 03 / 04

11.19.13- - -
i have a new print for sale over at tiny showcase, read more about it here - or how to purchase here.

11.18.13- - -
everyone who has ordered should have received tracking info by now. if you haven't, drop sarah an email

its looking like paypal didn't download some orders to the program sarah uses to ship with, sarah's rechecking all orders now, but definitely drop us an email if you didn't get a tracking number.

EDIT: at this point everyone 'should' have tracking. let us know if you don't.

11.16.13- - -
sarah is almost done shipping, all will be shipped by monday, if you don't have a tracking number by then drop us an email. the handbills are shipping separately from the stickers, so those that ordered both, expect two packages at two different times.

migration3 actually shipped separately as well, i should mention.

11.11.13- - -
- best batman series of all time.
- best villain? clayface.

- borat. booyakasha
- lego movie. i'll watch it.
- classic movie poster weirdness
- super tropic

re-met an old friend from 10 years ago, his paintings

11.08.13- - -
friday. yeah buddy.
- gerry rafferty
- mayer hawthorne
- goodbye girl. classic 007.
- talking midi heads
- motherless child

11.07.13- - -
Migration 3 and handbill sets
are sold out. 

thanks for all the orders

11.04.13- - -
trying out this survey thing, take a look and see if it works. its a handbill related query, though fairly unofficial and whatnot.

update: well looks like the results are in. so i'll factor that into the equation of life, appreciate all of you that took a moment to respond.

11.01.13- - -
november. too much to do.
take a moment to read aaron draplin's pop's obituary.
he was a legend

- for sentimentality's sake, i enjoyed rewatching this
- pinstriper

10.31.13- - -
ah. halloween. gonna be a long night. good times.

- punkins
- classic monsters
- the shadow knows

10.27.13- - -
stickers have arrived and will ship this next week. i think they turned out pretty nice , thanks to stickerrobot.

i'll probably offer a few more for sale at some point.

10.25.13- - -
friday. good.
- oh alan. alan. alan.
- Hobonichi Planner
- paper kites
- shake

- photo series
- photo series 2

10.22.13- - -
stickers have finally shipped to me, so heres an update on that. plus i have an artprint coming out in the next few weeks, as well as some other stuff i assume. i'll send out a mass email when i actually have things in hand.

10.12.13- - -
apologies on the sticker shipping delay, they have promised they will ship them end of this week to me, so these should ship next week. if anyone wants a refund before these ship out, please email us, sarah is always happy to oblige.

10.12.13- - -
- bryan hendo put together a
nice shipping guide, for those of you leary of shipping posters. some nice tips, thanks bryan.

- anyone attending nycc? this shirt is awesome.

- some nice framing ideas from jake
01 / 02 / 03

- looks like mondo put up a few more of these ghibli LPs

10.08.13- - -
- fire kitten. aww.
- durraaanggoooo
01 / 02 / 03

- bryan cranston advice. applicable to many walks of life.

10.06.13- - -
end of weekend
- black francis lives. good.
- please let that be you. ah 90's.
- frank black. still good.
- dwight twilley's next.
- and yes, i was a member of weezer's fan club back in '94. pure rock.

- interesting article arguing the merits of a tipless restaurant.

10.04.13- - -
- teenage english turtles
- preserve
- tragedy series

- vintage star wars? hmmm. not sure if this is legit or not. lucasfilm keeps me in the dark. its legitimately poorly color separated.

10.01.13- - -
- dark city
i support shutting down the government. forever. we'll build worlds with our mind aliens.

EDIT: i just watched world war z. now i realize how important governments are.

09.30.13- - -
- percussive maintenance
- moebius silver surfer
- coquino
- eega. getting some buzz.

- my friend robert perez worked on this nifty star wars animation.
- support this fellow washingtonian in his quest to fund a series of childrens books.
- support ol tom wilson if you're a big seahawk fan. i guess they're having quite the year. foosball.

09.21.13- - -
- pretty nifty pencil carvings
- carn . chilling.
- kvelertak. metal.

09.21.13- - -
as a longtime Hot Rod fan, i enjoyed the pilot episode of brooklyn nine-nine. its the breaking bad of cop comedy tv shows.

- incredible Kim Jung Gi
- new kavinsky
- time bandits history

09.19.13- - -
- todd klein letterography
- second skin / zed1
- atari box art

i saw riddick twice in theaters and enjoyed it. well done sir diesel. and i will watch this.
- last days on mars

09.13.13- - -
ordered some stickers, will have some new ones soon.

randomly -

- red bug dye
- Danielle
- Car Poolers

- article on Christopher McCandless. I found it interesting.

09.02.13- - -
- kinda interesting look that we don't often get inside iran

- awesome look behind the moebius / 5th element collaboration

08.29.13- - -
a not that brief write up explaining a bit about my lottery sale process.

08.28.13- - -
Shaun of the Dead posters are sold out.

Thanks for all your orders and kind emails. I know i'm a bum, and i wish i had more posters. and lottos are the worst.

for sarah...it was a wednesday.

08.27.13- - -
lotto is closed, sarah is going through emails, i will update here when they've all gone out.

08.27.13- - -
- my shaun of the dead email on how to purchase is going out now,
and heres the info.

08.24.13- - -
- awesome breakdown of Worlds End songs by edgar wright.

- brush prairie, represent. i live .5 miles from the general store in the first part of this vid. extreme.

- purrrfect
- Bankrupt by Beanies
a chilling vision of things to come?

08.20.13- - -
- Sami at the Rally
- Business of Death

- from one second to the next. brutal.

08.16.13- - -
- ah, prince henry stout
the classic 'surviving the game'

this wonder woman
- part 1 / 2 / 3

08.16.13- - -
update: i believe the BGCA phish prints are pretty well sold out, thanks for your orders and emails, always appreciated.

sarah has picked phish winners and emails have gone out, apologies for not posting that sooner, i completely forgot.

thanks for all your entries and hopefully next poster i'll have more copies of.

08.15.13- - -
phish posters go on sale friday, here's the info. i'll be selling them via an email lottery just to give everyone a fair chance at getting one.

an email should go out today, so if you're on the mailing list, expect that email.

08.07.13- - -
i believe my BGCA phish prints will be for sale soon. will send out a mass email about that. shaun prints, i have to wait til mondo sells their remaining copies, so it'll be down the road a bit.

til then, heres a kickstarter i support, harry and AICN have been a big supporter for many years, so support him in his quest.

also, the new hawkeye art by david aja is great. i picked up the first volume and dig the heck out of it, great stuff.

08.02.13- - -
and so, july ends. august begins. summer's swan song.
- some excellent dave gibbons art
- interesting talk with KRS-One

- feel flows
- lets get it on
- tiny dancer
- aint that peculiar
and this just highlights what an amazing voice marvin had, heard it through the grapevine.

07.28.13- - -
looks like mondo has my Ghibli shirts for sale, you can get them here.

some fancy pics of the vinyls.

some cool matt choices
- alien per pat
- assault, per JL
- attack, per JL
- drive, per JL
- le loup, per JL
- repo man, per JL

i'll have some Shaun of the Dead prints available at some point, probably in a few weeks. If you're on my mailing list you'll get bothered about that down the road.
07.21.13- - -
well comicon was amazing. i heard. my next most anticipated movie?
- RIDDICKulous.
- chris rock / jerry.
- joes new movies, love em.
 6 feet under / creakshow

i had the pleasure of working with studio ghibli on some LP's mondo is putting out, soundtrack stuff. i won't have any for sale, i'm not in the LP business, but mondo should have plenty of em.

07.14.13- - -
geez, i'm not very good at updating this lately. shame on me. i have some newish stuff coming out soonish, definitely before 2014. probably i should say.

in unrelated news
- japan world cup
- ed2090210
- tainted drive
- oh homer
- baby i'm on fire
- speed wobble wobble
- big boned animals

- also, i'm lookin into this squarespace site, for the new tstout.com. if that happens. seems like an ok site.


06.26.13- - -
back from the dead. or dentist. jk, i have 6 cavities. but hopefully new work soonish. july.

but some fun things
- edgar wright influences
- reichroll. sing heil.
- james 'beam it up' doohan
- wind of change
- teleport effect

06.01.13- - -
sarah and i will be out of the office through june 20th, so any emails / questions / concerns will probably not be addressed til after that.

as to where i'll be going, this should answer that question.

i mean this should.

oh, and happy 40th anniversary to my parents.

05.29.13- - -
- costanza job search
- the lost boys / affection
- i still believe
- enjoy the silence
- pitt ping pong
- chinese pinball

05.25.13- - -
check out greg pizzoli's new book, the watermellon seed. i ordered one

05.23.13- - -
sarah tells me everything has shipped, so those that ordered should either have it or have tracking. if you don't drop me an email.

also, someone sent me this, a nice framing choice for repo man.

05.23.13- - -
- empire strikes what?
i must remember this.
- lung tester

- it seems like xbox is leaving me behind. i don't even keep my 360 connected right now. so this new one is going to be kinda useless. weird.

05.19.13- - -
- breaking recall
- beastie boys album art
- study art.
- riddick. take my money.
- afraid of technology
- william stout
- stairway to heaven.
- son volt - windfall

05.17.13- - -
repo man / patrice sale is over, thanks for all your orders, sarah will get these shipped out this next week.

and a followup is included at the bottom here about the donation to ryan woods family

thanks again.

05.17.13- - -
here is my repo man poster sale info

05.14.13- - -
for the few of you interested, i'll be selling my Repo Man copies this week, probably just a random drop, i'll send out a mass email about it, and announce it here as well.

in better news, ol shadow is back on her feet, basically a miracle. head crushed by a lawn mower and 3 days later she's starting to look normal. for a cat. with some light brain damage. but still.

05.11.13- - -
happier times with lil' Shadow, currently putting up the good fight after getting run over. sad times right now in brush prairie.

- this D.F.Wallace speech is making the rounds, but no less poignant.

- thanks to dan for these drive pics, pretty cool.

05.09.13- - -
ah, ol self confidence tips from RDJ. what a nice guy.

- classic misdirection
- classic nice russians.

05.05.13- - -
live in portland, or near it? want to get a free poster from me? like driving a truck? well then i have got a deal for you.

05.03.13- - - -
been hearing this maniac soundtrack by Rob of phoenix fame. pretty good stuff.

-be interesting to see if this is the goods.

- found a deal on new flatfiles, slowly building my collection. its a write off though. i just write it off.

- plus i got a cell phone for the first time in my life. instagram here i come. i mean brain tumor here i come.

04.30.13- - - -
my birthday month is almost over. i made it another year.

also, checked out stumptown comics this weekend, picked up some cool things, had a chance to meet the great mike russell, plus checked out lots of others.

my friend eddie did an interview with me on his site, filmonpaper.

sums up my feelings when i overthink a piece.

04.25.13- - - -
holly sent me this, a framed menomena poster i did a few years back, kinda a cool way to interact with the wallspace.

- oh tommy
- you're going the wrong way
- two dragons.

04.22.13- - - -
shipping is done. here's the long version of that.

04.21.13- - - -
well i watched A Monster in Paris and it was pretty fun. i did watch the english version because i can't read. but the french version is probably more pretty sounding. both well done.

- kenner aliens. i will try to track these down.
- drive picture disc info.

04.20.13- - - -
yet another shipping update. the next update will be 'they've all shipped.' i think.

04.17.13- - - -
more posters went out today, all posters should be shipped by end of this week. if you don't get a shipping notice from paypal by then, drop us an email.

also, a note on my return policy. we want you to be happy, or at the very least ok.

04.16.13- - - -
posters are going out, sarah's sending them out in groups, shipping each day. she's not loving life right now.

which means my repo man sale, for those of you interested, will happen sometime in May, after all this current shipping madness has passed and sarah's had a break. i don't have a ton of copies, but i can't imagine a ton of people interested, its 18x24 after all. but i'll have some and send out an email down the road.

04.11.13- - - -
sarahs working on poster shippings, should be going out this week. i'm taking this opportunity to get rid of some of my older stickers, making way for new ones

- milius
- twin sister . saw em.
- mel gibson. dags

film on paper interviews
- Brian Bysouth
- Tom Beauvais

04.08.13- - - -
some stuff
- shane hillman
- RIP mitchell hooks
- the trip deleted scenes
- bruce willis. hair.
- emek artprint
- george, i'm sinking

- the croods. i enjoyed the heck out of it. which surprised me. til i saw it was directed by How to Train your Dragon director Chris Sanders. amazing creature designs.

interview. weird things said and done.

04.03.13- - - -
posters are sold out. thanks again for all your orders, i appreciate it very much, my family appreciates it, even my parents appreciate it.

sarah and i will start on this mountain of email replies now, apologies if yours slips through the cracks, if you need to, just re-send your questions again in the next day or two.

also, if you purchased two posters and don't receive a refund on the second shipping by tomorrow, email us again and remind us.

thanks again. time to die.

04.01.13- - - -
so, my drive / attack the block poster sale email is going out soon. it will be a link to this info .

03.28.13 - - - -
alright my ATB stamp is on its way, its looking like i will be selling my drive / drive 2 / attack the block copies next week, probably mid week.

- interestingly, drive wasn't my first vinyl. i'm not sure fotc was either. david f reminded me that this probably was.

- plus, i did this shirt design. i did it for the ATB poster but still, now its a shirt. that is what we refer to as 'double dipping.'

- and lastly, rob jones, with some ron howard type fellow. with a strange voice. who apparently does not understand how microphones work.

03.21.13 - - - -
- my Austin trip, all the thanks.
- Drive Vinyl LP sale info
i will not be selling these.

some tips from bryan on
- flattening a poster
- packing a poster

- some nice django photos
- a stickerrobot interview

and happy birthday to my sister andrea. the only redhead in scotland.

03.19.13 - - - -
back from austin, thanks to everyone that came and all the mondo guys and everyone, i'll have to do a proper post about it, what a trip.

will have some paper copies of drive 1&2 and attack the block for sale eventually, will not be selling metal or wood versions. will do a better update on everything soon.
03.14.13 - - - -
alright, last post before the show. if i never post again it'll be because something horrible happened. should be fun though.

03.12.13 - - - -
the gallery show rapidly approaches. i've had some emails about poster signings, how the poster signing was moved to the next day, saturday. and here's my attempt to explain it. it was done with the best intentions, not to screw with people, but accommodate the most people possible.

03.08.13 - - - -
django posters have sold out, thanks for the orders.

03.07.13 - - - -
emails have finished going out, thanks for your submissions, sarah might pick a few more from the entries already submitted in case some people don't purchase their poster.

thanks again

03.07.13 - - - -
lotto closed, sarah will be sending out emails soon, thanks again

03.06.13 - - - -
mass email going out now, containing this Django info

03.05.13 - - - -
- updated handbill extra info
- nice photo series
- speed 3: pigeons
- glady, if i were
- real twist genius
- awesome goodman
- world largest panorama
- solid gristle

also, scott b is having a charity fundraiser to raise money for his hometown of newtown. you can bid on some items by myself here.

also, django poster email from me probably going out tomorrow, wednesday. hopefully. due to work madness, sarah is handling most of the sale, which is also why i might not have responded to some emails from people, apologies.

02.25.13 - - - -
- updated sticker info , can finally put that to bed.

02.24.13 - - - -
- handbills and prometheus items packed up and shipping this week, otherwise sarah's in trouble.

 these made me smile
- hair we aren't
- she thinks i still care
- upstream color sounds
- cake flushing

- this amazing jesse ledoux animation for minus the bear is so great. dave knudson of MTB was also in another great band, botch. all one big circle.

- these star wars shirts. someone sent me this and its the first time i've seen em. since lucasfilm owns the rights to the artwork, its probably official? i'm going to order an xxxxl and use it as a bedsheet.  

02.20.13 - - - -
- handbills packing up, getting stamped. last chance to email and cancel your order. stickers arriving this week, fingers crossed.

until then
- me and denis leary, best buds.
- oscaaaar animations
- this court illustrator is awesome
- oh canada
- cool pinball idea

- interesting don rosa article, don being famous for his amazing disney art. up there with carl barks, my kids love this book.

02.14.13 - - - -
- update on my brometheus sticker, its hopefully arriving end of this week / early next week, just waiting to get them from the printer. so those will being shipping next week, fingers crossed.

- 2013. snake year.
- aliens. looks cool. not getting the reviews i'd hoped for.
- parachute daydreamz.
- this seems like such a bad idea. condors man.

02.12.13 - - - -
- handbills are printed and ready to ship, unfortunately my stamp is waiting somewhere in massachusetts, due to 'emergency conditions beyond ups' control.

so...right now we're looking at shipping next week, after feb 18th. unless things change and my stamp arrives sooner.

02.08.13 - - - -
- came across shawn wolfe's store, big fan, his massive attack print is legendary.

- the deep / fresh guac

- my friend denis is trying to get this motorcyle book project off the ground, i'm backin it, hopefully it gets made.

02.04.13 - - - -
- for those of you that have emailed asking about skull numbered prints, heres my attempt to explain.

- plus, key and peele. i'm sure everyone had heard of them by now. funny stuff.
- also. elvis / home alone.

- plus - my favorite treat williams movie of all time.

01.30.13 - - - -
- important note for those of you that purchased a black keys print last week. super irrelevant note for those of you that did not purchase it.

01.29.13 - - - -
- top 10 of 2012 films
- my 2013 hopes / dreams
oh the hubris. but its just helpful for me, i have a terrible memory.

01.29.13 - - - -
a cool frame for that akira print
1 / 2 / 3

01.28.13 - - - -
- nice try frog. ha ha.
- 1950's mind meld.
- loosaur
- l'ecume des jours. gondry.
- my inspiration to lose lbs
- agency wank.
- olympus = fallen. terrible/good.
- look at this mouse. Хомяк!
- phone-o. moshi moshi.
- tono tono. mind mysteries.
- detroit detroit.
- art adams. nuts.

01.25.13 - - - -
i believe the sale is over, it is 5PM PST. and i always get at least one person emailing about missing the sale right about now, never fails.

thanks for all your orders, it looks like the edition will end up around 450, though we'll have to double check the orders to make sure there weren't any double orders, stuff like that. i was not expecting nearly that much interest, sarah thinks i'm a genius now, so thanks for that. black keys will ship next week and these handbills hopefully will ship within the next 4 weeks, check back to tstout.com for updates on them. alright have a good weekend.

01.25.13 - - - -
45 minutes left on the handbill series, right now we're at 420, canada's own adam sterns lucky number.

01.25.13 - - - -
3 hours left on the 4up series, its currently at about 400. which is about 4 times what i thought it would be, so thanks for that.

01.25.13 - - - -
my black keys posters have sold out, thank you for your orders. i am currently preselling a set of 4 handbills

- available here  
- info about them here.

i'll be taking orders til 5PM PST today, then closed forever. right now its an edition of about 320, which i am very happy about, even if i don't sell another set. so thanks for all those orders, always appreciated.

if you were expecting a smaller edition or didn't understand exactly what they were when you ordered them, drop us an email, we'll refund your order no questions asked, we want everyone to be happy about their purchases, as always.

01.20.13 - - - -
- National Slow Show
- REM religion upscaled

01.14.13 - - - -
so, late again. i'm wrapping up a deadline today/tomorrow, and once that's done i'll do the black keys sale / update my site and all that stuff. i know, sister slackin. this has helped me get through it.
- do you want to get away
- saved my life
- mouse rat - lil' sebastian
- freeez / i.o.u
- love is alright...tonight.

- meet francis. aww.
- invisible drive thru
- super mario. so true.

01.03.13 - - - -
i'll have some black keys prints for sale next week probably, will update with more info soon.

01.01.13 - - - -
- greetings from 2013. goodbye 2012. lost a little. gained a lot. still wrapping up presents from 2012. will be happy to move fully into 2013. this'll be a good year i think. the year of the landshark.

- i'd heard 2 of these songs.
- beautiful nick cave song
- i'm looking forward to warm bodies
- he man. good.
- ploog. i have some of his og art.
- never touch your pets again.

i hope to come out with my best of 2012 list soon, once i'm done with a few things in the next few days. but this was sad to me, because honestly, for me, prometheus was my favorite film of 2012.

12.23.12 - - - -
- in case i miss it, merry christmas

12.19.12 - - - -
- if we make it through december
- growing pains. stuck in my head.
- saul bass shining poster ideas
- phil hartman / farley on letterman
- guitar lesson
- steve coogan toy store owner

- with friends like these...you'll get eaten by a shark.
- kaufman and elvis and cash

- 'i hear the bells', written by h.w.longfellow
peace out - tstout